Image editing by committee community

Relive and remix Facet sessions from creative pros around the world

Ensure precision consistency with content-aware batch editing

Kevin Sikorski·New York, USA

Create sci-fi vibrance meets historical monuments look

Gabriella Achadinha·Berlin, Germany

Get “super fast and super perfect” results

Laura Vifer·Barcelona, Spain

Pixel-perfect toning for spellbinding landscapes

Neil Burnell·Brixham, UK

Use style transfer to get multiple variations of one background

Instrument·Portland, USA

Color grade a fashion editorial in batch

Leonie Maya Isaac·London, UK

Featured patterns

Create neon skies with Color Match

Sonia Teruel·Berlin, Germany

Correct color and contrast on film photos

Hēran Soun x Kirby Stenger·Oakland, US

Replace backgrounds and relight foregrounds

The Caffeinist - Amina El Kabbany·Los Angeles, US

Cut out subjects to decontextualize scenes

Jo Fetto·London, UK

From our community

Blend images with artboards

Andrew Lam·Los Angeles, USA

Composite images for editorial features

Roshan Whittaker·London, UK

Quickly retouch skintones

Giorgi Meurmishvili·Tblisi, Georgia

Process fashion shoots faster with automasking

Kat Puchowska·London, UK

State your style with colors that pop

Harwinder Singh·Punjab, India

Give 3D renders metallic textures

Ruben Tresserras·Barcelona, Spain

Generate social media content for brands

Anna Dora Lascsik·London, UK

Batch edit architectural renderings to test building materials

Anna Nikaki·Crete, Greece

Dial up the contrast for a bold and strong portrait

Kenyatta Crisp·Columbus, US

Brighten specific selections in an image

Serpentes·Prosenjakovci, Slovenia

Transform colors with Adjust Palette

Kristina Varaksina·London, UK

Layer cutouts for a mixed-media effect

Girivarshan Balasubramanian·Chennai, India

Apply dreamlike hues with Color Match

Makiyo Lio·London, UK

Composite three images into one

Harwinder Singh·Punjab, India

Decompose images for color and exposure transformations

Elodie Chiper·London, UK