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Far away but still too close
Sonia Teruel·Berlin, Germany
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Berlin-based photographer Sonia Teruel used Color Match, Adjust Palette and Color and Light curves to create “Far away but still too close," showing abandoned places during the coronavirus pandemic that were once part of daily life.

These places “remain invisible, outside our radar, although to see them we just need to look underneath or further. They are just concurred by outsiders, and this is how these places look up to the bridges and streets, where normal life is happening, like outside places. Walking through them feels like being far away though you can still see 'normal' life happening without noticing you, invisible. They hide under bridges, behind your way to the supermarket, to work, under highways...and remain silent but it seems like time talks through them," says Teruel.

See how she used Facet’s intuitive Automasking and fun color grading in her explorative process. 

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