Correct color and contrast on film photos

Save Our Stages - First Avenue - Minneapolis, MN
Hēran Soun x Kirby Stenger·Oakland, US
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See how Hēran Soun used Facet to correct color and contrast on a recent film projects.

Building on content-aware layers during post-processing, he ultimately created an evocative piece, called Save Our Stages, featuring music venue First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN, which one of the many live arts closed during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. First Avenue represents the quieted music venues across the world in cities being rebuilt, streets torn open, and buildings getting new faces.

Hēran Soun x Kirby Stenger captures the colors of a day in this new world with this analog photo, shot on a Pentax 35mm K1000, and refined with Facet. 

Hēran Soun is multifaceted—not only a photographer, he is also a musician and former Artist in Residence at 25th Street Recording in Oakland, CA. Born deaf, he ultimately gained the ability to finally hear, an experience that created a “kind of obsession and a kind of ‘you don’t know what you got til it’s gon’ sense of awe,” he says. "It didn’t give me any kind of choice of direction in life other than to just focus on art. It was all engrossing to me."

Next Up:Replace backgrounds and relight foregrounds