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đź’ŽCopy to my Facet

When skincare brand Smart Cookie approached Creative Director Anna Dora Lascsik about a social media campaign, Lascsik knew the right AI-driven tool to make distinctive, branded visuals for online, social posts: Facet. Facet is a digital-first pro image editor designed for cases like these where brands--and their followers--are hungry for daily content that’s beautiful, impactful, and most of importantly, expresses the brand’s personality in a consistent way. For this series of beauty brand visuals for social media, Lascsik went beyond simple product and model imagery. She used photographs of people and images of the ingredients from the skincare creams, and then applied color manipulation layers with graphic words. “Generally it goes back to the idea of catching the essence of the brand, creating something that really touches the viewer,” Lascsik says. 

Lascsik on using Facet: “Facet made it super easy and quick to separate objects and backgrounds. The job that could take hours ended up a one-click thing and so gave a better space to concentrate on the bigger picture, without getting lost in details. Although, I have fairly good retouching skills, it can be a life saver for more traditional art directors.” 

Besides directing and designing for Ogilvy, Maverick and Viceland, Lascsik has worked for luxury brands like Mulberry, L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, and Hugo Boss.

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