Composite images for editorial features

The Devil Made Me Do It
Roshan Whittaker·London, UK
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Experimenting in Facet led to this dramatic editorial spread shot and produced by Roshan Whittaker. This was so good, it was featured in Checkout Mag. In this spread, Whittaker created compositions of portrait images against various backgrounds using Facet’s artboards and automasking. Whittaker found that compositing in Facet is seamless, simpler, making his post-process fun to experiment with, creating a series with a powerful message. In “The Devil Made Me Do It,” Whittaker reflects on the current social pressures of social media despite the chaos of recent global issues. “This series exposes the idea of the ‘DEVIL IN DISGUISE’--when something or someone that appears to be good, useful, or benevolent, in reality, proves to be the opposite.” 

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