Cut out subjects to decontextualize scenes

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In these compositions, visual artist Jo Fetto explored themes of decontextualisation. Once a subject is cut out of its environment: what is its relationship to that physical space, and what is that narrative? How do spaces keep or lose the passing of these subjects? Automasking in Facet helped Fetto explore these questions. See how AI assisted with these cutouts.

About the artist: Jo Fetto is an Italian visual artist based in London. He approaches fashion as a tool to question gender and identity in our contemporaneity. In the blending lines of documentary and fiction, Jo Fetto’s imagery plays with reality and simulation with the aim to recall an emotional reaction from his audience. Targeting little and ethereal moments of intimacy, affection and eroticism, Jo Fetto opens up a window on his world,from his sexuality to his heritage, underling an everlasting sense of melancholy. From Naples with love xx

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