Create sci-fi vibrance meets historical monuments look

Journey to the Spomeniks
Gabriella Achadinha·Berlin, Germany
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Multi-talented artist Gabriella Achadinha created a vibrant “sci-fi” take on her photos of historical monuments in Yugoslavia. In her series “Journey to the Spomeniks,” Achandinha primarily utilized Facet’s Brush Tool for isolating different areas of foreground and background to create a multi-colored world; a sci-fi like, surrealistic new version of those places she visited. As you can see in her pattern, she used Color Adjustment and experimented with hues, temperatures, and saturation levels to create layers that spark, versus the original image. Automasking in Facet defined the architectural elements in the image against the sky background. Thus, she could easily isolate these elements and it saved time in her editing process. 

Creating “Journey to the Spomeniks” in Facet “was a journey of illuminating the past. Delving into what has been. This series aims to further highlight the forward-thinking innovation behind these architectural structures by creating a somewhat fantastical sci-fi world via vibrancy and palette,” she says.

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