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“I'm a super perfectionist...but I’m too lazy to select all the shapes in Photoshop. And even then, it’s not always as perfect as I want. In Facet, selections are super easy. You can try a lot of options and decide, I want this or I want that. Being of this new generation, we want everything super fast and super perfect.” - Laura Vifer

Do you vibe with Berlin-based director and photographer Laura Vifer? Then, you’ll agree that Facet’s Automasking not only makes editing slick and seamless, but also enables creative experimentation. Vifer had photos she felt ambivalent about until she tried on different edits in Facet: “Just by changing, in an easy way, the color of a wall or a floor—it changed my perspective of that picture and turned it into a great one!” she said. By following a dancer in the streets and parks of Berlin, Vifer captured the movement of the body in a colorful and magical atmosphere. Ultimately, in “Move with Magic,” Vifer composed her various images together in a string of trials until the series came together in Facet.

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