Apply dreamlike hues with Color Match

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Pro fashion and portrait photographer Makiyo Lio draws inspiration from her subject: both her tattoos and her favorite color (blue) to create an empowering, honest and relatable space that allows the subject to express herself without constraint. Using Facet’s Color Match, Lio changed hues in the background and on the model, which ultimately gives the portraits intimate, dreamlike feels. These hues are applied via Facet’s AI technology, which takes its best guess at the desired hues based on what you pick as a “reference image,” which would be your color source. It applied these color matches to areas that Lio has defined using Facet’s Automask feature and brush tools. Additionally, Lio applied lighting adjustments using Curves, Saturation, Brightness & Contrast, Sharpen. But seeing is believing, so explore her full process in her pattern here.

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